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5-Reasons To Still Opt For Medical Cannabis in Orange County

Cannabis for adult  use is legal in California since New Year 2018. Yet, there are many reasons as to why you should still opt for medical cannabis in Orange County. MMJ Cards enable you to have a number of additional benefits otherwise  not available to recreational users.

The law still distinguishes medical users and recreational users. Read below to learn the benefits of using a MMJ card:

  1. You can possess & carry more quantity of marijuana:

A recreational user can possess & carry an ounce of flowers or 8 grams of cannabis concentrates. But medical cardholders, can possess as much as required for their treatment. It all depends upon the recommendation given by the doctor.

  1. Save heavily on taxes:

The Govt. allows concession in taxes when buying marijuana with a medical recommendation. These concessions differ from county to county. In Orange County, there is 15% relaxation in Sale & Use Tax on medical marijuana purchases. With this heavy relaxation, you can purchase cannabis products from your best dispensary in Orange County & save a big amount on your annual purchases.

  1. You can grow more cannabis plants:

If you are a recreational user, you can grow only 6 plants at a time. But if you choose to avail a growers license, you are allowed to grow upto 99 plants in an area of 100 sq. ft.

You can grow more cannabis plants

  1. Access to a variety of better quality products:

Keeping health concerns in mind, Orange County Dispensaries provide an array of  fine quality marijuana products. This may always not be a consideration for recreational dispensaries. You may get adulterated or substandard product from a recreational dispensary.

  1. You can use medical cannabis at a younger age:

A recreational user must be 21 years or above in age. On the other hand, for buying medical marijuana, you can be 18 years or more. If you need cannabis for medical purposes, you start taking medicine 3 years before being the legal age.

If you are looking for medical cannabis in Orange County, can help you locate dispensaries near your location. Log on to to apply for a 420 evaluation online and get your recommendation in just 10 minutes.

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